What was nice about this place is I had the record of not only memories to look back on, but also what inspired me from day-to-day. So much of that inspiration which derived from readers like yourself and other blogs of strangers. Life is lovely at the moment and I have projects coming and other details to share. For now, I will list some random discoveries from November. I wish with all my heart that you are in good place as well and if not, remember you will be again.

Goodbye or "Ghost?" My mind had never considered the Irish Goodbye at events and small gatherings but after reading this article about understanding the host, I will be practicing this. Do you see this act as rude? Are there any other manners you can think of that leave you with strange feelings?

Something wonderful to think about: There's much history left to discover and some are kept secrets. This slide shows works of art from a Nazi-looted trove found in a German apartment.

"Where have you been? I am having a major life crisis, and you guys are, what, just driving around, French kissing each other like a couple of Dutch hookers?" Schmidt and 33 of his legendary quotes. He really does split my sides. This character takes the modern man to new comedic levels.

This film has terrible ratings but was very thought-provoking. Isn't that the point? How much would money control you? How much pain would you inflict on yourself and your partner if it could be a lucrative decision? The Brass Teapot.

Pamela Anderson cut her hair short and it is pleasantly reminding me of the classic icon Jean Seberg.

No species is inherently good or bad. Natural does not necessarily equal right. Cute animals and their terrifying primal tendencies.

A baby is moved to tears by his mother's singing. The article doesn't mention my tears but those happened too.

Jimmy Fallon is awesome at 1970 Neil Young.


i am in adoration with these three short pictures by wes anderson and roman coppola for prada. the characters remind me of 'a woman is a woman.' candy has charmed just as anna karina would. i love when she eats and how she really goes for it -it's funny, refreshing and plainly cute.


hello! i have been on quite the hiatus, yet again! i am still daydreaming as usual, as you can see with this very post. my businesses have been keeping me busier and my mind has been a little bit happier. i am in my very first home, one without dependency or at-first-strangers (though a lot of those room mates were fun and are going to be my friends for a long time). i'm just so ready for this new chapter to begin. what are your 2013 highlights so far?

items via modcloth: dress / hat / shoes


candle and reef chandelier. i always find myself keeping the trimmings of the tree. another fun thing i like to treat myself with is boiling the leftover tree in water for a nice holiday-scented bath. what are some of your simple ways of enjoying this time of year?


if i were a cat lady, i think i would quickly begin collecting feline things.


          i have been anticipating dita's first designer debut and now it's finally here! currently swooning over the second look dress + the tryst trench coat. of course, her collection is classic with mostly black. if this were alternate universe, where i had a glamorous budget for copious amounts of leisure expenses, i would definitely grab these two pieces. isn't the tulle trench just a dream? practical, perhaps not but oh so pretty. view the rest of her collection here. search 'dita'


          a few fall things and memories of mine: an old book + autumn nails, silver + ribbons, homemade seat cushions + chair covers, giving thanks to the neighborhood cats, fruit and veggie turkey, neon orange + lilac lace dress (via renttherunway click this for $20 off your first rental!).

          i hope everyone had a happy holiday in the u.s.o.a. if you're looking to score this black friday but don't like big crowds, modcloth is having a 50% off sale! modcloth virgins should apply this $15 off for super savings.

how was your holiday? did you find anything fantastic during the weekend sales? 

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